About Our Process

We have built a lot of websites and managed a lot of projects.  All our experience has helped us to develop a process that ensures your project is delivered efficiently, effectively and produces an amazing end product.

1. Strategy

We ask a load of questions about your goals, why you are doing this, your target audience, your products and services, your industry and your business.  The idea is to help us understand why you need a new website and what you hope to achieve. 

By getting a detailed view of everything, we are able to develop cost effective solutions that will help your business.

2. Sitemap

Once we know what we are trying to achieve, we draw up the outlines of the new website.  This will give us a blueprint for what it is we are trying to achieve and how to best structure the website to achieve your goals.

3. Prototype

The best way to describe what we are going to build is to show you.  We create the basic structure of the website, with no design elements, showing the structure and functionality – it’s a quick way to give you an idea of the direction we are headed.

It will not be pretty at this point, but it will help us to show you the structure and functionality of the final website.

4. Design

Our team of designers get to work making the site look great.  We share a private development server address with you so you can watch it grow.  We use the information we gathered from the Strategy section to help us create your bespoke design.

5. Content

If we are developing the content for you, this is the stage where you should be able to review and amend it.  If you are providing your own content, this is the stage we need it, so it can be merged with the new design to create the final website.

6. Delivery

This is where we disappear for a while to develop the code and get everything tied together.  Then we test it and test it again to make sure everything is working.  Once we have done this we can then make the site live for everyone to see.

Lets get started!

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